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Increase number of search results in Business Partner Lookup APP and Data Matching API

Hi, could the number of search results in the Business Partner Lookup APP (likewise the Data Matching API) can be increased higher than the default maximum search results of 10... I'd be most interested in viewing search results from the DNB datasource. A Direct+ search of the D&B database can return up to a maximum of 100 results (10 being the default unless other wise specified...with 25 being the maximum unless a nationwide search is being conducted, where the absolute maximum is 100). Can we offer options to increase the results display such as a) "Up to 10 results (default)" or b) "Up to 25 results - maximum" or c) "Up to 100 results = absolute maximum, applies to nationwide search only"

  • Simon Schlosser
  • Jul 2 2021
  • Completed
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